Online Marketing Plans

A Sticky Online Marketing Plan is designed to maximise your online potential and provide a road map for strategic design and development. It’s a process we have honed through years of working with leading organisations in Australia and the USA and the most important module of our 360 Degree Digital Marketing Strategy.

Who needs a Sticky Online Marketing Plan?

  • Anyone about to commission a new website
  • Corporate marketers looking for the best results for their organisation
  • Start-up businesses – they’re usually too focused on their own new product or application to develop a great online plan
  • Anyone wanting to radically improve his or her results online

What is involved in a Sticky Online Marketing Plan?

1. Discovery phase:

  • We research your objectives, target market(s), distribution options, competitors, resources, threats and opportunities.

2. Audit phase:

  • We audit your existing website, analytics, SEO, conversion results, social media and competitor’s online presence.

3. Observations:

  • We identify your strengths and weaknesses, your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, your online opportunities and other potential niche markets worth exploring. This often unveils breakthrough ideas for your business.

4. Recommendations:

  • We provide a detailed 360 degree plan to line up your core objectives and target market(s) taking into account the necessary SEO, conversion rate optimisation and social media. This plan isn’t about look and feel, it serves to deliver the right visitors to the most important parts of your website and help turn them into customers.

Does Sticky have to develop your website?

No. The Sticky Online Business Plan is your road map to a successful website. You can have us build it or take the plan to your preferred supplier. Depending on your requirements we may even recommend developers we feel are best suited for the job.

Can Sticky develop a plan for existing sites?

Yes. Whilst it is usually ideal to start from scratch we have worked with many organisations to re-focus and improve their existing websites.

Who’s benefited from a Sticky Marketing Plan?

Some of our clients who have been through this process are:

  • Promax launched operations in the USA successfully competing against global giants such as SAP and Oracle on the back of our strategic website business plan.
  • Pacific Smiles Dental had Sticky plan their online strategies before launching a successful new website, mobile site and SEO.

Ready to grow?

Our sweet spot is helping companies in the financial services and healthcare sectors grow faster with more effective, more measurable marketing. If that’s you and you’d like to talk then please contact us.