Did you know:

Companies that blog weekly grow twice as fast as those that blog once per month. Companies that blog more than weekly grow an additional 50 percent faster.

Source: HubSpot

We’re big fans of blogging at Sticky and we encourage most of our clients to publish regular content on their sites as part of our digital marketing strategies. It’s great for SEO, it’s great for sharing on social networks and it’s a great way to help position you and your organisation as thought leaders within your industry.

The problem is that most organisations struggle to find the time to produce a content marketing strategy or to write and post fresh content, despite their best intentions. We understand, it’s hard and it takes time.

Now Sticky can help you.

We’ve developed a blog writing service that goes beyond mere content creation. Sticky Strategic Blogging incorporates our SEO and conversion strategies to help you build a body of content that:


How does it work?

First, we research your business and conduct long-tail keyword research to find the best search terms to pursue. These aren’t broad generic terms, they’re search terms which often address a user’s intent. Sometimes the intent behind any particular keyword is much more important than the keyword itself. Long-tail keywords that address the need of the searcher or solve a definite problem will most likely rank well on Google, compared to similar head keywords. Customers who type descriptive key phrases (long-tail) are generally more qualified than those who type head keywords. As a result, the conversion rates are higher for long-tail keywords as compared to head keywords. We call it “content with intent”.

Second, we map out a program of posts addressing your agreed long-tail keywords. We recommend a minimum of 26 posts to ensure a significant increase in content, optimised search terms and traffic.

Third, each week we write and send you a 250-350 word post (standard package) addressing one of your agreed long-tail search terms, fully optimised for search and linking to your relevant conversion or product / service pages. You can then post and publish to your blog, or (for an extra fee) we can do the posting for you.

The result is a website with tons of fresh, useful content, attracting an increasing amounts of qualified traffic.

It all comes down to creating useful content for your users so that they’ll be satisfied, trust you and potentially share it with others. That’s how SEO and social shares work together to increase your sales through long-tail traffic.

Sticky Strategic Blogging can be used as a stand-alone service (I.e. you don’t need to be an existing client) or, ideally, as part of a larger digital marketing and SEO strategy.

It has taken us years to develop and perfect this strategy and be able to deliver it to you in an efficient and affordable manner. But finally, strategic, search engine optimised blogging is available and suitable for many companies.


To find out whether Sticky Strategic Blogging is suitable for you please complete this form and we’ll be in touch soon.